núria rossy

Núria Rossy is a singer and composer born into a musician and artist family in which it was usual to listen the piano, the accordion or the guitar, or a recording classical music. In Rossy’s house there were always making or listening music. For her it was natural to compose songs for each children’s event and began to compose by order at the age of 14.

She produces her own albums in which she interprets her songs. Enjoy giving an individualized character to each of them, but always from an acoustic and natural sound (so there is someone who includes it in the proposals of folk music), melodies that are accompanied by verses full of expressiveness and poetic sense (for what others include it among the interpreters of Mediterranean or Latin music) and a harmony that perhaps comes from her brief jazz formation in the Taller de Músics (Barcelona) and her passion for Jazz and Classical Music.

She considers herself self-taught because she trained according to her own program, at the rhythm of her pocket, and recognizes her father as her mentor and first music teacher. In addition to a term at Taller de Músics, he also studied composition with Manel Camp, singing with Anna Luna and piano with Félix Ramos.

In 2010 she released her first album, «Sobre la marcha», with a jazz aesthetic, a totally intimate essence and accompanied by great musicians such as Roger Blàvia, Jordi Bonell, Jordi Gaspar and Félix Ramos. She says that on that album she still didn’t sound like she wanted to, but that first project was her background career for the next production.

In 2016 he published the single & quot; Ressorgiré & quot; accompanied by a video clip of great
cinematographic quality (of the film director, Miguel Gago) responding to her aesthetic demands.

In 2017 she publishes another album, «Alegría», closer to her search for the natural and fusing folk styles with which she identifies herself in some way.

Next summer she will present us a new album that we could consider it in theWorld Music style, and will count on collaborations of some artists who move in this style in the current scene of songwriter’s music.

Núria Rossy, lover of all artistic manifestation, doesn’t exhaust her creativity as a singer-songwriter: she is an art historian and has a long experience in teaching, sharing her passion for history of painting, sculpture, literature… Also, lover of scenic arts, collaborates with the dancer, actor and choreographer Francisco Lorza, and is also working on her first literary project, which will be released in the 2019.

All her artistic versatility turns her on her shows with a naturalness and exquisite stage presence, without missing her refined comments full of social commitment and existential reflection, as well as invitations to the participation of the public.

Welcome to the particular party of Núria Rossy!